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    Post problems

    I installed some days ago, but I got some trouble with it.

    1. I can't forward ports, it seems like they are beeing forwarded in the web interface but they realy don't :\

    2. I can't find the usb-hdd on the network, I can access it throug ftp dough.

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    I flashed with the same firmware last weekend. I forwarded a couple of ports without problems. Are you sure you did it right? I remember I entered port in the wrong place, you need to do it at the "Virtual Server" part. Did you do that?

    No experience with hdd (yet).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cimarron
    you need to do it at the "Virtual Server" part. Did you do that?
    yes i did.

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    Hey, first i ran oleg`s FW, then i wen to dd-wrt and when i wanted to come back to oleg`s it wouldn`t let me. I mean the firmware installed ok using the recovery tool from asus, but the login and password are not good. What should i try ? i already tried all combinations between "root" and "admin", as both user or pass. What has gone wrong ? Also i cannot go back to the original asus FW, the recovery tool gives the error "invalid ip adress" and won`t flash. Thank you.

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    concerning USB-HDD: Do you already configured samba? (e.g.
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