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Thread: USB-Harddisk size limitations ?

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    USB-Harddisk size limitations ?

    I use the WL-500gp (with latest original Firmware) attached via USB is a Samsung 2.5" Notebook Harddisk MP080(80GB)

    - The router only access the disk if you made a first partition with less than 40GB (FAT32). Is there a reason for? is there any limitation/restriction ?

    - for PowerSave mode of the disk there is a tool from Samsung called HUTIL, but this DOS tool doesn't find my Disk at the USB port, has anyone a good Idea ?

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    First, i can not answer your questions.
    But i have one for you.
    Which USB2IDE Bridge use your USB Harddrivecase?
    I have also an MP0804H from Samsung and my drive dont work in my USB case.

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    wl500g(p) should be able to access +32gb

    used it with 160gb FAT32 partition before

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    The same Disk worked well with a single 80gb partition at my WL-HDD

    I have the following USBtoIDE Chip:
    VIA VT6204
    the brand of the external HDD Case is "Revoltec"

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