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Thread: Cannot roll back firmware to "standard" asus?

  1. Cannot roll back firmware to "standard" asus?

    I have installed olegs firmware on my router.

    i now want to install the firmware asus supplied. I have downlaodet the file "WL500gp_1.9.6.9_TW.trx" from their site. But when i select the file in firmware uprade and select updrade. The router write it will take about 80 seconds..... Then after about 1 minute, the screen reloads as it should. But nothing has happend, the firmware is still "olegs"?

    How can i roll back to the asus firmware?

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    you used firmware upgrade in the webinterface don't you?
    try the "firmware restoration"-tool (install from cd)

  3. Yes it worked... Firmware is now restored.

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