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Thread: [USB] Serial Device

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    [USB] Serial Device

    Model: WL-HDD
    Firmware: v1.9.2.7-7b

    Device WORKING (not automatically, see installation steps)
    Brandname: Intos USB to Serial Converter
    Brandtype: Reference-Number: 33304A
    USB Interface: USB 1.1
    URL To
    URL To

    * USB V1.1
    * easy Installation
    * 500KBit/s Datarate
    * no Interrupt
    * USB Typ A and 9pol Sub D
    * USB Kable, Lengt ca. 0,2m
    * Driver for Win98/ME/2000/XP sowie Mac OS (8.6, 9.0)
    * Chipset: PL-2303

    Installation in steps:
    1. start modul usbserial.o with >#insmod usbserial
    2. start modul pl2303.o with >#insmod pl2303

    Or crate the entrys in post-boot.

    Devices with the chipset PL-2303 working all with the generic modul pl2303.

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    Thumbs up Dynex DX-UBDB9 works with updated pl2303.o

    Model: WL-500W
    Firmware: Oleg's Firmware

    Device WORKING with updated pl2303.o
    Brandname: Dynex
    Brandtype: DX-UBDB9 16" USB PDA/Serial Adapter Cable
    USB Interface: USB 1.1 compliant
    URL To manufacturer:
    URL To product:

    Old versions of the pl2303 driver don't support the stty onlcr option. As a result, it's impossible to translate end of line to CR, LF and the serial port cannot be used for a terminal. The backported pl2303 driver I linked fixes the problem.

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