Hi everyone,
I recently acquired a second wl-500g and set it up in hybrid mode with my other. The original was running 1.9.27 6b so I set the second up from scratch on the same firmware. The WDS connection works beautifully with a wired connection straight into the 2nd access point to my PC, however my laptop keeps dropping the connection every 10 mins or so to the new AP. The PC on the wired connection continues to work whenever the wireless to my laptop drops out, so the WDS connection through to the first AP appears to be working fine.

I upgraded both APs to 7e but problem's still happening. The channels were set to 1 on both APs originally for hybrid mode, and I've changed them to channel 11 with no result. My laptop is in the same room as the second AP with a strong signal when it's connected. I've had the second AP set to both Home Gateway and AP Mode with no difference (it only really needs to act as an AP, but whenever I set it to AP mode I can't access the web interface for that AP any more)

I really wanted to get this working so I can use the laptop in other areas of the house that are too far away from the first AP (I have thick walls...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,