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Thread: uPnP questions

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    uPnP questions


    the wL700 should be able to act as uPnP server.
    1. Which devices are confirmed working with this asus?

    2. It is very important for me that subs (srt/sub) is also working when these filer are placed on the asus (same name as xvid).

    3. Is it possible for a player to connect to the asus when it is in User Based Share Access(UBSA) mode. Or is it possible to enter a user/pass in the upnp player?

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    1. I think it depends on which uPnP Server Software you are about to run.
    On my 500gx runs a Twonky Vision uPnP Server.
    Go to the Twonky Vision Site an have a look on the supported Players.
    I think every Streaming Client should work (noxxon or whatever)
    I can handle the Stream with Nero Showtime.
    It´s the only Player i know so far which supports uPnP.

    2. dunno

    3.dunno. try

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    To the best of my knowledge, you can't change the upnp server on the WL-700gE. Not until somebody gets an alternative firmware up and running.

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    I just posted this in one of the other uPnP threads:

    I have a Zensonic Z500 network media player DVD blah, blah, blah. The uPnP stuff works great for music, but any attempt to stream video results in the Z500 instantly rebooting

    Just to add a bit more detail, the Z500 is a flakey little thing that was released with a hell of a lot of bugs. I've upgraded the software on it, using a nice network-based upgrade process, a couple of times and I still don't think I have the latest version. Like the WL-700gE it's a linux-based "thing", and also like the WL-700gE I think the complexity kind of got away from the people who put together the software.

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