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Thread: Cooling overclocked WL-500g

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    I guess the bogomips calculation performed by Linux during the boot process gives you a rough perfomance benchmark. There should definately be a difference in bogomips while booting @ 175 MHz or 200 MHz.

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    Well but it didn't improve my gzip times either, would be some difference between 125mhz and 200mhz at gziping my 6mb file.

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    Question Cooling overclocked WL-500g

    Hello, which chip should I cool when overclocking WL-500g to 200MHz? "4702" or "5325"? Thanks

    Edit: more than 50 views and no answer? Maybee Oleg should know
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    Touch the chip while the router is working, feel which one is hot. Cool that chip.

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    okay, I'll answer myself - hottest chips on ASUS WL-500g ver2.40 are those marked with RED CIRCLE
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy_cr
    okay, I'll answer myself - hottest chips on ASUS WL-500g ver2.40 are those marked with RED CIRCLE
    So cool all these chips.
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    really? thanks for your help

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    I doubt it will work, I have tried to overclock it once

    but it hung at boot (so beware!) and then you are possible unable to restore settings via webinterface or anything

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    It seems to me (not totally sure) that the two right most chips are DC/DC converters. These converters are not likely to become much hotter when overclocking, also they are able to run at high temperatures.

    The left most chip looks like an ethernet chip (WAN) which isn't affected by the overclock, so no extra cooling needed.

    The center upper most chip looks like the LAN switch chip. This is the same story as the WAN ethernet chip.

    This leaves the center lower most chip which is the CPU. This is the part that is being overclocked. Extra cooling is probably not needed if the housing is properly cooled allready, but otherwise you can choose to mount a heatsink on this part.

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    Antiloop - I know that's risky, Oleg says in another thread

    Styno - thanks for confirmation, I thought about these chips the same way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snigel View Post
    I just tried nvram
    nvram set clkfreq=200
    nvram commit
    I just input this few line command
    I input clkfreq=160
    After reboot~
    My WL-500g can't work~
    The WAN ling keep to glisten
    And i can't login the seeting and ASUS setting tool can't find out it>_<|
    And one can help me to fix it up~

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    Anyone can help me>_<
    The reset key after wl500g not function too>_<|

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