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Thread: WL-500g Premium with USB sound card?

  1. WL-500g Premium with USB sound card?


    Im thinking about buying the WL-500g Premium. Then i want to plugin in a USB sound card. And then be able to wireless play music from my computer, either though Media Player or Winamp. Can i do this, and in such case, how?

  2. anybody knows?

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    i will check this if i got time but i think it should work!

  4. Okay

    But if i connect a USB soundcard can it then run without any software modifications?

    I have now bought an Asus 500gp and Im curious to know the outcoming result of this project....

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    In my opinion it's impossible without any drivers in router. When you connect sound card on usb it will be not recognized by router without well prepared drivers.

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    if you buy a compatible soundcard it is possible to stream audio.
    Look here Thread

    I think there is a thread somewhere here, where well tested devices a listed.
    Use the search function.

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    I have no WL-500gP and I don't know if this function should be supported but I have taken a quick look at the filesystem image. Both the kernel modules as well as the waveserver binary are there, so the chances that USB-Audio will work on your Premium are actually quite high.

  8. Okay.... I have bought to following sound card: Audiotrak OPTOPLay. Its a very simple soundcard, with just an optical output. No inout or everything else. No drivers need to be installed. Windows automatically regonize this USB soundcard.

    But the Audiotrak OPTOPLay is not listed on the compatible sound cards. But of course not all the compatible sound cards in the world, can be listed in that thread.

    I have tried with olegs firmware WL500gp- and enabled waveserver. i dont know is there are any further setup for this waveserver?
    But when i install Asus speaker express plugin for Windows Media Player. The plugin says no connection and no device found.

    But it can maybe be because the asus waveserver and speaker express plugin is a piece of crap!??

    It might maybe work, if i can figure out how to install Esound daemon on the router? And use the Esound plugin there have been made for winamp?
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  9. Isnt thee i way i can check if my usb sound card is mounted and supported?

    I have plugged the USB sound card into the router. And i have logged in through telnet.

    I have now typed the command "df" should all connected devices be listed there?

    I can only see the following:

    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root 2944 2944 0 100% /
    /dev/discs/disc0/part1 58613120 53119412 5493708 91% /tmp/harddisk

    No USB sound card listed?

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    Soundcards can't be "mounted".
    Check the output of the dmesg command instead.

  11. Okay when i type "dmesg" i get the following.....
    There might be an error? but i dont know i mean?

    [admin@(none) root]$ dmesg
    erface 1 endpoint 0x1
    usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
    usbaudio: failure (error -145) to get output sampling frequency device 2 interfa ce 1 endpoint 0x1

    which repeat itself about 50 times!?

  12. Anybody who knows?

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