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    Just noticed that this appeared today:

    Still only Chinese


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    Why only Chinese?
    Now I installed - and English present too.


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    Any noticable changes? Is radio power setting back?

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    changelog not present, setup power too

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    Which file to use on router?

    I finally managed to download the whole firmware from Asus' website (141 MB at a whopping 7kB/s... never seen a site that slow!).
    The ZIP file contains a TARball that contains the whole source code.
    There's also an 'image' map which contains, logically, some images.
    I just don't know which one to use on the WL500gp, I tried 'linux.bin' and
    'linux.trx', both are not understood by the router.

    Where can I find the single firmware v. file, which I can upload into
    the router?


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    Dude, you downloaded the source files of the firmware. These are for developers. The description clearly states:
    GPL source code for firmware version
    Somehow, I can understand why you did it - the Asus site is a little messy.

    To download the firmware use one of these URLs:

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