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Thread: Samba write access

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    Samba write access

    Hello, I have problem with Samba. I cannot write to Samba shares from my WinXP machine. I exactly followed Oleg's tutorial at

    What's wrong? Thanks!

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    make it like so: \\WL500G\share only read options

    make it like so: \\WL500G\share$ and you get read/write options

    So put a $ behind it.

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    I have the same problem, and \\WL500G\share$ doesn't give write access either...
    1.) I'm a n00b using WinXP
    2.) HDD is 250 GB, 1 Partition, NTFS
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    2.) HDD is 250 GB, 1 Partition, NTFS
    You can only read from an NTFS partition, you'll need to reformat to ext3 to get read/write access.

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