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Thread: WL - HDD and battery

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    WL - HDD and battery

    Hi guys,
    I want to use the WL-HDD in my car together with my radio.
    Does it come with batteries - or is it possible to run it with a battery?
    Or do I need to buy something extra?


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    Check out this site:
    This guy has a WL-HDD hooked-up in his car.....not with batteries, though.

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    I saw it.
    But does this mean the WL-HDD will be shipped without any battery support?

    I sas this picture: (please scroll to the middle of the thread)

    This black box looks to me like a battery pack.
    do you know where to get it?

    Then I would not need to do the whole wireing in the car. I can just put the case with the battery pack in the boot.


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    Well, my German 's not that good, but from what I understand, it is a battery-pack.
    You can probably get one from your local electronics-store. Make sure its output is equal to the specifications on the transformer you got with your WL-HDD.

    Hope this helps (or ask one of the many german members of this board to translate your link).


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    Ok thats fine.
    I just wanted to know:
    a.) does the HDD case come with a power supply
    b.) does it come with a battery?
    c.) if b.) not is it possible to run it with batteries?

    Since I'm not a car mechanic I want to avoid it to do the power wireing in the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rouge
    a.) does the HDD case come with a power supply
    Yes. I don't have it with me, but I can look up the spec's when I get home if you want to.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rouge
    b.) does it come with a battery?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rouge
    c.) if b.) not is it possible to run it with batteries?
    I think you can, but you'll have to ask around (perhaps someone on the forum you linked to?).

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    from the picture I posted (see 2 posts above) I thought this black box would be a proper battery supply.
    Again my plan is it to put it in the boot of my car together with that battery supply.

    I saw that video (carputer) from Jefferson yesterday. It is really cool but for my taste still too many cables inside the car. I would like to see no cables in the car.


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    I went to the web of Jefferson Kim but I don´t see the video... could you post the link?


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    Battery pack is simple

    Hi Rouge, you are right, the black box is a battery pack.
    The included power supply of the WL-HDD gives 5 Volts and a max. of 2 amps.

    To power the WL-HDD in your car you can do two things:
    1. Get a simple battery pack, something that holds 4 AA (penlight) cells. Use NiMH cells, they have an output voltage of around 1,25 Volts. So 4 of these equal exactly 5 Volts. This will only last you several hours before a recharge is needed. Off course you can also go for bigger batteries (C-Cells, also called mono cells I think, the kind they use in flashlights).
    2. Power the WL-HDD from your car battery. To go from 12 Volts to the 5 Volts required by the WL-HDD is very simple. Just use a 7805 ic (electronic component), this is a one piece convertor that works very well and is very cheap and easy to connect. Here is a simple manual on it's usage:
    Don't forget to cool the chip (just screw is to your car, because the body of the 7805 is connected to the ground lead anyways).

    Good luck!

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