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Thread: WL-330g WPA-PSK TKIP

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    WL-330g WPA-PSK TKIP


    I own a WL-500g DeLuxe which I use as an Access Point. On the WL-500g I set the authentication to WPA-PSK and the encryption to TKIP. These settings are working well, and I can connect with my laptop (with build-in) wifi

    Recently I bought an WL-330g. I hooked it up to a pc, set it to Ethernet Adapter mode, so it can work as a client. Using the setup utility, I selected WPA-PSK and TKIP. The utility finds my AP, but it will not Associate with my AP

    However, when I choose the lesser Shared Key/WEP combination, then the WL-330g both finds the AP and associates with it

    Does anybody here have simular experiences or knows how to get the WL-330g working with WPA-PSK/TKIP in Ethernet Adapter mode ?



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    It has WPA-personal (TKIP and AES) and WPA2-personal (also TKIP and AES).
    Try both.

    Mine works in repeater mode, but i had problems when configuring it (with encription). When WPA, it didn't connect to AP, but when WPA2 - my PSP and PPC couldn't connect to it
    I was surprised when I discovered option called "WPA-auto-personal". With it everthyng worked wonderful!

    Try to find such option there

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