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Thread: System Logfile on a Local PC

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    Question System Logfile on a Local PC

    i have a Problem with the System Logfile. I activate System Log to sending to the IP (my Local-PC) but in witch directory can i find the System Logfile on the PC?!

    Sorry for my bad english!

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    Isn't this in the manual or something? You must have a syslog deamon running that can receive the logging data.
    Linux comes with this naturally, but there are even freeware programs available for windows now, too, google for "syslog deamon" to find them.

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    You should use this option only when that PC is running 24h/day, otherwise most log entries will not be logged.
    In my opinion, this option is useful only when there's a central server which handles syslog from multiple devices and monitors data with programs like logdigest or logwatch.


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