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Thread: Anyone try PDC mode on before it was removed in

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    Anyone try PDC mode on before it was removed in

    The main reason I was gonna buy the WL-700 was because it was going to have PDC (Primary Domain Controller) software built in (samba?).

    I really wish I knew why they removed it in That seems a little stupid (unless they needed the space for something else). They should give the option, to me that's the most important feature. I can run BT and downloads off my PC.

    I'm wondering how well the PDC in worked...


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    Did you found out? I wish to know 2.. I also was going to use it as PDC...

    Canceled my order when I found out it was removed..

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    It's easy to know

    Download de firmware you want and upload to the router, theres is no problem at all.

    It s very important to notify ASUS about this problems.
    Send mails to the technical support, you can do this by resgistering in ASUS site as an ASUS Member.
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