I've upgraded my main router to a WRTSL54GS and am using my WL-500g as an ethernet bridge for my desktop computer.

It mostly works OK: I have put the WL-500g in "AP mode" (as opposed to gateway mode) and then setup my wireless to "ethernet bridge" mode.
And that's basically it.

The only problem is for the way to set the IP address of the W-L500g:
if I set it statically, it works, but I find it inelegant because I end up duplicatnig info that's already predefined elsewhere. So I'd like to set it dynamically which works except that the dhcp client does not pass the WL-500g hostname to my DHCP server, so I can't ask dnsmasq what IP address my WL-500g received.
(I end up having to either log onto the main router and check the dhcp leases file, or do a ping broadcast, in order to find the IP that then allows me to log into the WL-500g).

Is there some way I can get the dhcp client to pass the hostname to the server?