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Thread: Implementing a spool server utilizing the USB key thingy

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    Implementing a spool server utilizing the USB key thingy


    I have searched through forum to see if adding a spool server to wl500g is possible so I do not have to waity for printing beeing finished before shutting dow my computer. I find that it is possible but difficult, atleast for me, using some demon thingy or daemon or wathever. Since I mostly only know how to put HW together and how to write propritary sw and approximate nothing aboute linux and definitly nothing aboute deamons, I would be very happy if someone could share a tutorial of how to add a spool server using for example a usb mem.stick or disk connected to wl500g through, guess wath, the usb port OR for example if it would be possible to do this using a nettwork storage disk connected to one of the LAN ports (planning to add one to my nettwork zoon). That would realy make me happy.

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards
    Vidar (Z)

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    The server you are looking for is CUPS.

    I havent tried it on theese small routers, but I've heard reports that it works.
    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    And incorporating CUPS into wl500g is done.... HOW?

    I have been fiddeling arround and now know what CUPS is but I know nothing aboute how it should be implemented. As wikipedia told me it is originaly an UNIX thingy spool server which i beleive can be run on LINUX as well reffering to Wikipedia.

    It also has, as I can see from wikipedia, a web based admin inteface on port 631 which seems easy to use. Question is if it is possible to add this feature to my/yours/ours wonderful love (wl) 500 (ghee!) or not. I might be clever enough to uppgrade to Olegs firmware to gain more controll over my router, but taking it from there to a fully implemented CUPS server is far to much for me. Especially if there needs to be done a port of CUPS to wl500g platform by some means, then I am helpless.

    If CUPS, however, can be installed as is pr. today I can do it if I get a comprehensive step by step guide of how to do it. Showing where to get the CUPS package/software/wathever and how to transfer it from my computer and how to start the CUPS process/server on the router (and which will restart if there has been an power cut or something).

    I do not mean to be lacy, but it will be a big step for me to fully understand Linux termonology and command structure to be able to figure this out my self within a reasonable time and an even greater step before I later can be able to do a port of CUPS even though I do understand Linux somewath superficial/briefly pr. today. I will however try to help when I can from sideline with suport banners and cold bears (or was it beers in english?).

    Very best regards
    Vidar (Z)

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    ipkg update
    ipkg install cups
    ipkg cups-doc
    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    Thank you

    I have now been looking and learning on the site and followed some of the advices but when coming to installing ipkg package system tools I have some question. Here is a tutorial whic include partitionating a usb key and format it to ext file system and this process includes stopping my stupid-ftp server. Now, I still want to use this server when finished and wonder if I can still do this on same usb key tingy after following those steps as adviced. Pr. to day I have used app. 125MB of 512MB of the usb key, and could use as much as 100-150MB for the ext partition if needed. Question is if i can stop the server and when finished with the installation of the ipkg package I can restart the server and continue using the server as before. USB key is formatted with FAT16 Next question is if I need to partition the device anyway and that I instead could install the ipkg package on the FAT16 partition root (and the cups thing) or do Linux deny this?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

    Vidar (Z)

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    Youst a few questions more, as I am learning samba rythms and Olegs fw (latest - 7c version).

    There is now implemented a printer server named p910nd wich do not include spool, atleast not by default. Is it much work to add spool functionality to this server?

    And, second, since there is possebilities to add an extra USB port to the wl500g, could I then use one USB for the usb stick and one to connect a printer (canon Pixma MP800)?, Then what should i do to let the server know which usb port is used for which device (printer/ftp) so that requests on printer port 9100 in raw mode is redirected to correct USB port and the ftp server is up and working ? (or am I making a complete idiot out of me asking this question?)

    Thanks in advance
    Vidar (Z)

    By the way, is an excelent source for learning, Good work.
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