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Thread: WL-500g Premium

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    Hello again!

    I got another strange problem with my 500gP...
    It concerns the DNS behavior.

    I connect to the router with 2 machines: 1WinXP with LAN Cable - everything works well.
    But when I connect via WLAN with my Laptop, I cant get DNS resolving.
    I can ping the DNS Server and any other IP in the web, but pinging for example gives me a timeout.
    One time resolving seemed to work (dont know why...), but i still got a timeout.

    Ping [] mit 32 Bytes Daten:

    Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung.

    ipconfig /all displays everything correct, including the DNS Servers.

    Has anyone some experience with this behavior?

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    Quote Originally Posted by britnet
    Perhabs you can use these packages:

    ushare (best one i think) Project Page here



    for Packages look here
    Thanks for the links. geeXboX uShare link sais:

    - Added new Microsoft Registrar service which fakes the authorization required to be able to stream to MS compliant Media Renderers.
    - Updated AVI file MIME type for better compliance with UPnP devices.
    - Better UPnP CDS compliance when request count and index are 0.
    - Removed the nasty characters from UDN naming for compatibility issues.
    - Force usage of libupnp >= 1.3.1 (previous versions of the library are buggy and should not be used).
    - Support for XboX 360, D-Link DSM-320 and Roku SoundBridge M2000 Network Music Player devices.
    I guess it should work with M1000 SoundBridge too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie1
    But when I connect via WLAN with my Laptop, I cant get DNS resolving.
    if you use are wired connection to the router from the laptop, does the DNS resolving work? If yes, check your network filters on your router, dns seems blocked from wlan. If no, check dns-forwarders on the router and check whether there is anything wrong with your notebook.

    Another hint... if you're using DHCP check which dns-server gets submitted to your client. In M$ Windows, look at ipconfig /all.

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    Here is my question:

    Situation: ADSL to an SMC router with a 192.168.2.x subnet and computers, then my ASUS premium connects with Static IP as and operation mode is set as Home Gateway. I have a desktop and a laptop connected to this router with LAN and sometimes WLAN. Everyting working fine, like internet, ftp e.t.c. Just the desktop and the laptop cannot ping each other. They can ping the router but the cannot ping the, so that is why I cannot reach the USB HD plugged in the router....

    When I click on the show workgroup computers , nothing happens, actualy is says I have no rights to view or there are no computers...

    Any ide what to do? or set? I am usin the latest official fw

    thanx in advance

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    Yesterday i buyed WL-500gP and setup it , internet working just fine, rest i didnt test i didnt have time. And i hope new firmware from oleg will come soon with all that delux have )...

    Thnx to all hier

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    I have a wl500gp router.
    question is: can i connenct two external usb storage to the router?

    my plan:
    An usb 256/512mb pendrive for running linux programs (samba, ctorrent, mc etc...) and swap.
    And an usb-hdd for torrent and ftp downloads?

    Because now all (progs+downloads) on the hdd but the hdd not on always and this 'confusing' the router.


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    There are two USB ports.. why should they add two ports if only one can be used? Offcourse you can use both for external use.

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