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Thread: WL-138gE x64 driver [Broadcom chipset]

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    WL-138gE x64 driver [Broadcom chipset]

    I searched the internet a few hours before finding this driver which enables the WL-138gE card with BroadCom 4318E chipset to work in Windows x64.

    Here's the link.

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    Wl-138g V2

    I've just installed my WL-138G V2 card, with the broadcom chipset. this driver worked a treat, instantly, perfect... mange takk!

    The J Master General...

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    cheers for the link, i can access the internet... but it still carnt recognise the ethernet controller and can't find a driver for this. Also can you guys use the asus ultilitys with this driver installed as i cant?

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    just had to reinstall my enternet drivers and all now works

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