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Thread: WL-HDD and Xbox

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    WL-HDD and Xbox


    I would like to use my WL-HDD (with 60gb hd) to connect an Xbox to to my wireless Netgear AP.

    The Netgear AP is using WPA, and I'm not really sure if I should set the WL-HDD to work in client or bridge mode in order to get the Xbox hooked up to the wireless net?

    I also fail to see were to fill in password and SSID for the Netgear AP? I would really appreciate an easy walk through.

    If possible it would also be great if I could use the WL-HDD with Samba as an Xbox-buffer to share files with it in my Workgroup.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    All the above is correct and possible.

    You should set the WL-HDD in client bridge mode, and you can create a samba share on the harddrive, and stream video and audio to XBMC on the Xbox.

    Where to fill it in? The same place as you would fill in the SSID and Password if you where running the WL-HDD in accesspoint mode.
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    Thanks a bunch! I will try this and get back if I run into any problems.

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