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Thread: WL-500g Premium aka WL-500gP Info

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    wkwl-500g premium

    I know but default power is 9 mw i can speed up to 12mw but i need minimum 40 mw and i need some firmware to do this.

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    to enable usb in dd-wrt or in the default firmware?
    In the dd-wrt i compiled the modules for it so if u need it i can send them to you
    For the default firmware, make sure the usb disk /stick has standard partions (i had 1 with 4 partitions and didn't recognised my stick , so i had to make a single partion and was working ok).

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    dear florin, i'm highly interested in your compiled version. do you need an email / ftp address to send it to or can you give me some coordinates?

    btw, two more questions:
    - were you able to make downloadmanager work
    - what is the max radio power you can set in your firmware? (see

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    Quote Originally Posted by grongl
    USB works beautifully, it's really fast.
    edit: that's subjective, how many Mbytes/sec reading/writing to disk?

    total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached:
    Mem: 14651392 13529088 1122304 0 749568 4759552
    So only 14Megs?
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    Radio power override

    After running
    wl txpwr1 -m 150 -o
    in the console, the
    /usr/sbin/wl txpwr

    pwr in mw 87
    pwr in mw after override adj 87
    Web interface still shows 12mw though.

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    In OpenWrt you can set the power output using the nvram variable "pa0maxpwr" ... the wl command for some reason did never do the trick (means no change in signal strength whatever value you set ).

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    Question How to extract the Image for WL-500g Premium

    I have try to extract the Image for WL-500g Premium:

    # wlextract WL500gp_1.9.6.8_TW.trx
    # dd if=WL500gp_1.9.6.8_TW.trx of=kernel.gz skip=28 bs=1 count=765205

    the dd is needed because the wlextrace give you a too short file (1 Byte to small)

    # mkdir root_fs
    # uncramfs root_fs rootfs

    and create a new cramfs Image:

    # mkcramfs root_fs root_fs.cramfs
    # cat root_fs.cramfs trailer > root_fs-and-trailer

    ok that works fine but when i try to create the trx Image i get this warning:

    # trx -o my_firmware_wl500gp.trx kernel.gz root_fs-and-trailer
    warning: increasing offset 765233 to 765236

    and the extract of this new firmware gives a kernel image with 765208 bytes instead of 765204 or 765205

    # wlextract my_firmware_wl500gp.trx
    # ls -l kernel.gz
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 765208 May 29 17:59 kernel.gz

    Have somebody try this with success???


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    Could anybody port the daemon for the downloadmanager for each WL-500g ?
    Would be a very nice feature ...

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