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Thread: wl500g+PHILIPS SL50i

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    wl500g+PHILIPS SL50i


    Does anyone know if it is possible to hook up the philips sl50i with the wl500g?
    I wanna put my music on a usb stick and attatch it too the wl500g and then play the music with the sl50i. To let it work with the pc there needs to be software installed for a upnp server, on this site u can find the software:

    I hope someone can take a look at it and tell me if its possible to make it work with the wl500g. Thanks for ur time

    Product description:

    Whether in homes, factories, offices, airports, or on the street, it's hard to imagine a place where Philips is absent. What Philips wants is to make your life and work easier - and more fun! And Philips continuously explores new ways to improve products and to offer innovative products to its consumers. Philips. "Let's Make Things Better".


    Wireless RF communication based on open IEEE802.11 standard;
    UPnP enables various devices to communicate with each other;
    Enjoy wireless PC & Internet media on TV & stereo;
    Wireless connection from the Internet to your stereo system;
    Enjoy music files from your PC wirelessly on your stereo;
    Digital communication increases security and reliability;
    Gain easy access to your list of favorite content;
    Info! provides complete information about your music;
    Operate via local display without turning on the TV.

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    Yes, this is possible.

    There is also a free opensource alternative to Twonkyvision:
    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    thanks for ur fast replie. I wonder if its difficult to get it to work on the
    wl500g, can u tell me maybe how i get the software running on the wl500g?
    I looked a little more on the site and found software for the wl-hdd i wonder if i can use same software for my wl500g:

    The ASUS WLAN-HDD 2.5 runs the Linux Operating System
    based on a BCM4710 processor (MIPS little endian).

    We use custom firmware to install twonkymedia.

    Here are the details:

    1) Upgrade to custom firmware or higher from e.g.

    Open a browser and enter the following URL This is
    the default IP address of a brand new machine, but may be different to
    yours. Press "System Setting" and then "Firmware Upgrade" and follow the
    given instructions.

    2) Unzip all files to a local directory on the PC and run NASSetup.exe

    3) Define an initial script, which runs after every reboot:
    Open a browser and enter the following URL Press "USB
    Application" then "FTP Server". Set the "Initial Script" field to
    "". Press "Apply" to save your changes. Press "Finish" and then

    twonkymedia will start automatically and can be customized

    will this work with wl500g? or is it better to use GMedia server
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    Yes, you can use the WL-500G Deluxe. It makes no difference :-)

    Only small difference in the instructions above, is that the WL500G (and 500B) uses as Factory Default ip instead of
    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    Thanks a lot for ur help i followed the toturial for the wl-hdd i posted, with the other ip adres and it worked!! I have twonkyvision running now on my WL500g. Now there are 2 things i wanna know.
    - on the webpage it says: TwonkyMedia Trial Version Configuration, so its a trail version, will it keep working or will it stop after some time?
    - I would like to know for sure if the philips SL50i will work together with
    twonkyvision before i buy it.

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    The trial version only runs for 30 or 60 mins, then stops (can remember if it is 30 or 60).

    Phillips SL50i is listed here:

    It will also work with gmediaserver - as both servers use the standard UPnP media protocol.
    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    Thanks to all for ur help i bought the SL50i and its working great now!

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