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Thread: Oleg's Firmware Wireless Driver Problem

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    Exclamation Oleg's Firmware Wireless Driver Problem

    I'm using Oleg's
    Whenever I connect to wl500g wire-less, the signal-quality is excelent but the performance when accessing the internet (wan port) is very poor. For example, a download that runs at ~200kb/s on the wired lan, runs at -20kb/s on wireless connection - All wired internet access is working well! - except wireless.

    I tried different Asus firmwares (inc. latest version, and the problem disappears.
    Anyone solved this problem already?
    Is there any way to use Asus's original wireless driver on Oleg's

    Thanks in advance

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    you can try this page with firmware 1.61, it is very fast and it suppport cdma
    The firmware is in english

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    I need to run OpenVPN and some extra applications on the wl500g.
    Only with OIeg's firmware I can do this.
    Any other solution?

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    This is oleg's firmware with several patches.

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    Cannot get comunication beetween two wireless connected machines

    Hi all

    My router is a WL500g Deluxe and I'm using WL500gx- firmware because of CDMA support.

    I'm having some trouble with wifi. I can't comunicate beetween two machines that are both connected through wifi, not even ping. However, I can get communication beetween the same two machine if at least one connected through wired lan. I also can communicate with the router from any machine (wired or wireless). However I think that this wasn't happening in the past.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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