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Thread: uploading via ftp

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    uploading via ftp

    hi all, hi oleg ;-)

    i still have problems using the router.
    when i connect my notebook (thinkpad r52) to the cable i can upload a file (350kb) to my ftp somewhere located in the internet.

    then i deactivate the LAN, ensuring that there's no firewall enabled, that the windows firewall is also deactivated and that the MAC has no IP.

    now turning on the WLAN, ensuring that a valid IP is assigned and calling works fine.
    Uploading the same file is not possible.

    i'm totally sure that there is no firewall...
    i also allowed all icmp traffic in the windows network properties dialog for the wlan unit.

    any ideas?
    i really need help...

    best regards

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    please tell me something to test.
    may be it's my fault again but i don't know how to test this.
    the strange thing is that the transfer over LAN works fine and only WLAN has problems.

    please help me


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