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Thread: [oleg] Samba won't work

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    [oleg] Samba won't work

    I've succesfully upgraded my 500g to After upgrading I did a factory default. This is my first oleg firmware and so far i'm very happy with. Thx oleg for very nice work!

    Now unfortunately I cant get samba to work. I've done all that I was supposed to in I've first set IPconfig - hostname, reboot, then USB application-Samba-enable demo mode, reboot. After this I cannot reach the samba shares using either \\hostname or \\
    When I telnet and do a 'ps -ax' in telnet there's no reference to the samba client running. What do I do wrong? Also I cannot get the ftp server to run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoot
    ..Now unfortunately I cant get samba to work. I've done all that I was supposed to in [url]....
    That url doesn't show anything for me.
    This is what I have at the end of my post-boot:

    ##start samba
    /usr/sbin/smbd -D -l /tmp/smbd.log -s /opt/etc/samba/smb.conf
    /usr/sbin/nmbd -D -n myasus -o -l /tmp -s /opt/etc/samba/smb.conf

    Don't forget to do
    flashfs save
    flashfs commit


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    Sorry link should read

    The website suggests that setting up samba can be done solely through the wl500g's webinterface:

    "...Firmware releases as of work just fine, use the web interface to set a host name under the "IP Config" menu (e.g. "WL500g"), then reboot the router, then use the "Samba" option under "USB Application" in the web interface and enable demo mode, then save and reboot the router. You should be able to access it from a windows pc by clicking start, then run then typing in "\\" and click OK. The sharenames "share" and "share$" are created, share$ appears hidden and is writable. You can verify samba is running by telneting to the router and issuing the command "ps -ax" and you should see smbd and nmbd running."

    But if this is incorrect, what steps should I take to enable samba? I've never changed files on my 500g, so if there would be some step-by-step how-to available somewhere (which I was unable to find as of now) I could use that. I'm not totally infamiliar with telnet but can't say i'm an expert too

    EDIT: of course I totally forgot to take a look at If I've any trouble with that how-to I will come back here...
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    OK it's all working now, using page 4 and then page 3 of this how-to. However, during this process, you need to make the post-boot file, using this how-to .

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