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Thread: twonky media server, network drive with oleg firmware

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    twonky media server, network drive with oleg firmware


    as a XP user with only small network experience i post this to get some help. really all i want to do with my wlhdd is to use it for twonkyvision media server uPnP.

    i learned that for installing twonky it is necessary to upgrade it to the newest firmware version of oleg. so - i did so, in the meantime i am able to configure my wlhdd after upgrading it to the newest firmware version of oleg - BUT after upgrading to oleg software i cannot access it as network drive in "my computer" in my XP-client.

    so - i would be very nice if there is someone who posts what to do AFTER upgrading to the latest firmware of oleg for those users, who only want to use the wlhdd for

    1.) network drive in "my computer" (win XP). after turning on the wlhdd it must atomatically be configured as a network drive (as it is comfigured automatically after booting the asus firmware).

    2.) twonky vision media server: there is a hint from twonky that there is needed a "" for automatically stating of the twonky media server after booting the wlhdd - what i have to to if i want this?

    3.) into my wlhdd i have installed a 2.5" hdd with 80GB. i have formatted it with the asus firmware tools ( completely in 1 patition. ok? if it is helpful to have a 2nd small partition i would create this with the asus firmware tools before upgrading to oleg firmware (because there are missing the hdd tools from asus).

    1) i boot my wlhdd
    2) after booting it serves automatically as a file server (acessible from my XP-client in "my computer" like a USB HDD, like it is acessible as long as i use the asus firmware)
    3) after booting the wlhdd it automatically runs as a twonky media server (after i have installed twonky).
    4) thats really all i want to do with my wlhdd

    i am hopeful some nice people here posts how to do this few steps - that would be great ! i am a XP user with only small linux skills.
    thank you very much in advance, regards from
    rainer - berlin - germany

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    I'll post you some links when I get back home (at the office now).

    Two weeks ago I climbed the same "learning curve" as you are doing now.

    Btw, a program called wizd will do the same as TwonkyMedia and is free (see posts on this forum).

    What media player/box are you using?

    Good luck with the unit. It is very good (maybe except for the transfer speed), and it is very good with the Oleg firmware!

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    There's no need to install Oleg's firmware if you want to use your WL-HDD as a media server.

    Connect to your WL-HDD using FTP and copy the mediaserver-files as instructed in the twonky documentation. (I just checked the version 3 manual and it doesn't cover the specific wl-hdd steps, I'll check these when I get home)
    In the configuration pages of the WL-HDD, enter "" in the "start-up script" parameter.
    FTP your music to your WL-HDD (you might want to make a "music" directory on disk).

    Twonky should now act as a music server.

    Good luck and I'll get back to you when I have reread the manual at home.


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    many many thanks to :

    all i did in that way exept:

    i formatted my hdd in my wl-hdd with the asus tools in 1 partition of 80
    GB before upgrading my wl-hdd to the latest oleg software.
    to configure the asus wl-hdd i only used telnet and the vi editor, no
    problems with it.
    because the subdir /usr/local/sbin/post-boot did not exist on my wlhdd i
    created it with mkdir.

    i did not write the [FAT32] and the [ex3] part from the posting above to
    smb.conf. as an alternate i added:

    path = /tmp/harddisk
    writeable = yes
    browseable = yes
    force user = admin

    after this and rebooting samba starts automaticlly. win explorer ->
    network environment -> ... now i am able to map "hdd_im_asus" to a
    letter of my choice.

    performance: to copy 88.7MB from an USB 1.1 device connected to my PC to
    the asus wl_hdd connected with 100Mbit it needed 97 seconds.

    regards, rainer

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