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Thread: after upload oleg firmware: no recovery mode, no firmware restoration

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    after upload oleg firmware: no recovery mode, no firmware restoration


    as a new member greatings to all ..

    some days ago a bought a new wldd by a german vendor. everything was running well.

    yesterday evening i uploaded olegs newest firmware ~7c. now the situation as such:

    after the upload of olegs new firmware i cannot access the wldd anymore. i resetted it by pressing the button 5sec, 20sec, 30 sec. i pulled off the power cord, waited for 30sec, 1 hour, ...
    i tried to access the wlhdd via wlan as via wire - aklways the same effect: my XP-client (which is not connect to any router) cannot get a network adress from the wlhdd. XP offers a "repair" - it is not running. i tried to ping the wlhdd with - not visible.

    2. so i tried to restore my old firmware - not possible. i had difficulties to enter the recovery mode, but sometimes i was successful, the PWR-led was flashing. but - the restore tool from asus cannot access the wlhdd, so the action stopped after 60 sec. no chance, i tried to reset, again and again, always the same. during the time the asus restore-tool is trying to access the wlhdd i can see that (i tried via wire and via wlan) the problem is the same as mentioned above: xp cannot receive a network adress which meens no connection for the asus recovery tool in consequence...

    3. and now - i cannot enter the recovery mode anomore. i wait 1 hour, i tried by pressimg the button for 1 sec, 2 sec, 5sec while reconnecting the unit to power, i try to reset it .. it seems in the moment that i cannot enter the recovery mode anymore ?!?! wlhdd -> trash? i hope not.

    so my night was very short, i`m a little tired and when i find my tomahawk i cut the wlhdd to little pieces .. after all what should i do?

    please help, thanks a lot.

    regards rainer

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    Well, you've to use search first.

    As for firmware restoration - you've to disable ALL network adapters (including IEEE1394, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc) except wired ethernet and use it for firmware restoration.

    As for firmware - to reset to defaults you've to press the button and wait until PWR led starts flashing fast. Release the button then.

    Also, try pinging used wired connection and also try

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    hi oleg and others,

    no question - you are right. .. but ...

    you say: search and read in the forum(s), have fun. but ... really .. thats no fun. fun would mean: read a small "readme.txt for stupid XP-users with only small network-experience". so don`t be angry with me, i smile while writing this

    i try to write the first lines for this readme, ok? fell free to correct me if i am writing nonsense - would be nice if you deliver such a read me with your firmware, lots of stupid XP users would be glad and full of thanks for saving much time

    0. do the following steps before you start to upgrade your wlhdd to the oleg firmware.
    1. connect your PC to your hub/switch via wire. disable wlan or dont use it.
    2. connect your wlhdd with the delivered wire to a free port of your hub/switch
    3. turn everything on, install the wlhdd with the deliverd tools from asus, format your hdd with it as mentioned in the asus manuals

    4. make some experiences. run the dos command line with "execute" and "cmd" and type "ipconfig /all" and have a look to your screen. typically your hub/switch is also your router (and wlan AP) and works as a DHCP. you can see with ipconfig /all the IP adress the DHCP has assigned to your PC. typically your PC is confired to receive an IP adress from the DHCP (in porperties of IP)

    5. find out the IP adress the DHCP has assigned to your wlhdd. typically this is not! probable your router has assigned a different IP adress to your wlhdd. click on the arrow right of the URL window of your internet explorer and look, if there are already done some entrys from the asus wlhdd configuration tools (so it was done at my PC!! - try it!).

    6. as an example, if your DHCP assigns to your PC and you add a wlhdd and there is no more network unit in your network at home (i think typically that is what you find in the home of the XP user .. ) - maybe your wlhdd is assigned from the DHCP with

    7. if you want try to ping it from the dos command line: "ping" and look if it answers.

    8. ipconfig /all also shows you the subnet mask, typically - that means, your wlhdd cannot be found with as printed on it, when your DHCP assignes a room of to your PC .
    in this example it must be found in the room of 192.168.79.??? - perhaps one number higher as your PC, see under 6.

    NOW YOU KNOW THE IP ADRESS of your wlhdd in your network.

    9. change nothing.

    10. make the firmware upgrade to oleg firmware and after it find your wlhdd with the internet explorer under the same network adress as under point 6: (in my network of course you have to type the IP adress you found out above for your network - this was only an example.

    11. if you want to downgrade again to asus firmware - change nothing, only download the newest asus version from -> downloads, unzip and run the asus firmware restauration tool. before you type the upload-button in it, pull the power cord of the wlhdd, wait some 30 seconds, keep the reset button pressed and insert again the power cord. keep the reset button pressed until it starts flashing. after this press the upload start button of the asus firmware restauration tool.

    !!!!!!! AND VERY IMPORTANT: the wire between wlhdd and hub !! M U S T !! keep inserted - otherwise it is impossible to enter the recovery mode!! as written above at point 11: dont change anything: keep your wlhdd connected via wire.

    you may also look here:

    have a nice day - kind regards from
    rainer - berlin - germany

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