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Thread: increasing TTL how to ?

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    TTL altering

    My ISP is banning the use of routers by setting the TTL of incoming data to 1.

    I read it is possible to overcome this limitation by using the Oleg's firmware. However, I'm not very brave and I'm still on original Asus firmware. I'm wondering if the original firmware supports TTL modification and if so, how to do it.

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    AFAIK the original firmware doesn't support TTL modification. You have to use iptables to do that.

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    Start from here. Hopefully, the iptables included with Oleg's already support the TTL target. I'm thinking he may have applied Patch-O-Matic to the package, but I don't know.

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    TTL increasing (WL-500W)??

    I have WL-500W router. Unfortunately I can't configure the internet connection (Vista). Perhaps ISP made TTL restriction. How can check if it’s true and how can I mйnage this problem? Is there any custom software for WL-500W router where I’ll able to increase TTL?

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    TTL should be a value in windows, I'm not exactly shure where.
    I know that "tune-up utilities" can improve the TTL, but I don't really notice it

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    ttl == 1

    I'm noob so please by patient . My problem is that my SPI made "routing lock"- ttl ==1. So how I can make that TTL value will be ttl++ not --ttl( by changing firmware or if already made it please share ). I have only c/c++ skills.

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    are you sure you set up the router correctly?

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    yes. everythink is set up.

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