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Thread: wl 500g and ipv6

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    Wl500gP and ipv6 dns

    Ok. I realize the title isn't very descriptive here. What I need to do is be able to setup some actual ipv6 dns servers on the router. In addition I also wish to have the router broadcast itself as an ipv6 dns server as well as an ipv4 one. is providing ipv6 dns servers that are usable via the tunnel.

    I have been able to add the required dns servers, at least temporarily, by adding them directly to the /etc/resolv.conf file. At that point both dig and host can get an ipv6 address for (one doesn't exist on most ipv4 dns servers...). I just need to make it broadcast that it can do that so my computers will use them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feico de Boer View Post

    How hard is it to get 'traceroute6' and 'ip6tables' into the firmware? No need for fancy webby and nvram things, good old post-boot and a config file on the nvram fs suffice.

    These two things would make ipv6 just a little more usable.
    traceroute6 was added in

    ps. 4 years passed by

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    Its actually for me too...
    Anybody can solve this task?

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