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Thread: wl 500g and ipv6

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    ppp and ipv6

    When I tried to enter some standard ipv6 things in "Additional pppd options" of the internet interface the wl500gx would no longer connect to internet. This was even the case when I entered the benign PPPD_EXTRA="".

    Then looking in the source code for the firmware I see that in the two places where HAVE_INET6=y appears it is commented out. Therefore, I assume that the currently installed ppp does not support ipv6.

    I am hesitant to uncomment in these two places and recompile because I do not know what side effects there will be. For example, assuming that the recompilation works will the resulting firmware still fit in the wl500gx.

    Any ideas will be appreciated.

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    Will this modified firmware fit?

    I have recompiled with every #HAVE_INET6=y changed to HAVE_INET=y. I lack the courage to upload it into my wl500gx because I am afraid that it might be too big. How can I tell?

    Here are the few numbers that I have.
    Modified firmware .trx file 3,510,272
    Unmodified 3,506,176
    Difference 4096

    Modified target.cramfs 2,803,187
    Unmodified 2,797,695
    Difference 5492

    The vmlinuz are almost the same: the new one is smaller than the old one by 86

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    It fits

    I uploaded the modified firmware, and it seems to be working. I say "seems" because I have used it for just a couple of days.

    Looking at the output of dmesg immediately after reboot shows the following flash memory layout:

    pmon 0 to 262,144
    linux 262,144 to 4,063,232
    rootfs 967,792 to 4,063,232 Note: rootfs is inside linux
    config 4,063,232 to 4,128,768
    nvram 4,128,768 to 4,194,304

    The only change caused by the modification of the firmware was that the rootfs increased by 86 bytes. Apparently, this did not "break" anything.

    The recompilation was relatively straightforward. I followed the wiki here step-by-step. However, before I did so I had to replace the gcc and g++ on my Fedora Core 4 box with gcc and g++ 3.2. How to do this is described elsewhere on this site. From then on I had a few "path" problems where the compiler could not find something. These were caused by my hasty deviations from the wiki: do what it says. Note that the wiki DOES NOT tell you to "make uclibc"! You will be using the binary, and it is already made. As the last step I picked "make image-WL500gx", and it worked fine.

    The change I made was to replace #HAVE_INET6=y by HAVE_INET6=y. At each step I took time to search, and make the change everywhere possible.

    The recompilation took a long time on my 500Mhz Linux box.

    And I can see that ipv6 is now enabled in ppp. More later.

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    Talking Native ipv6 connection works

    I now have a native ipv6 connection through my wl500gx router.

    In the "Additional pppd options" window of IP Config-WAN&LAN in the internet interface I entered

    ipv6 , ipv6cp-use-persisten

    The comma and spaces are intended. If I did this before I re-compiled the firmware to enable ipv6 in ppp, the router would not signon to internet. Now it does. I could sniff the exchange of packets between the router and the ADSL modem, and I could see ipv6 being set up.

    To sniff the packets I used the Tethereal ipkg package. I assume Tcpdump would work, too. The command

    killall -1 pppd

    disconnects, not reboots, the router and reconnects it about 30 seconds later. This gives time to start Tethereal. The command

    tethereal -i vlan1

    sniffs the packets going through the WAN interface. Note that rebooting will not work because Tethereal will not be running during the connection of the router.

    An ipv6 global default route is not set up automatically so I added one.

    ip -f inet6 route add 2000::/3 dev ppp0 metric 9999

    The huge metric is to avoid packets bouncing back and forth between me and my ISP. At the moment this route is added manually after each reboot.

    Normally my ISP expects me to use dhcpv6 to get my prefix, but I do not have it on the wl500gx router yet. However, I do have dhcpv6 on my Linux box, and I got the prefix using it. Apparently my ISP uses dhcpv6 just to give out prefixes and, at the moment, nothing else.

    My connection to internet is now dual-stack; that is, either ipv4 or ipv6 is used as appropriate. This is not something that I did; it is built in.

    My evidence that I really do have ipv6 connection capability in addition to ipv4 is that several ipv6 sites have told me that I do. Some have even sent back my ipv6 address.

    The set up here is fragile, and I need to play with the system more, and I would like to have a dhcpv6 ipkg.

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    RFE: IPv6 for PPPoE

    Hello Oleg,

    I'm a happy user of your firmware. It is great that your firmware supports IPv6 (since However, there does not seem to be IPv6 support regarding the PPP daemon.

    My ISP is supplying me with IPv6 connectivity (static IPv6-subnet assigned to my account) over PPP. It has been working fine for over two years, where I used an x86 Linux machine as router. However, this machine has blown up and I need to use my WL-500gx for routing purposes.

    So I'm asking you: Would you like to enable IPv6 for pppd at the next firmware release?

    Thank you!


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    Well, in fact, IPv6 support is broken in the firmware. There is only basic support, i.e. no firewall, etc. So, I'm thinking of removing this, as it's really dangerous and rarely used feature.
    If you like to use ipv6 I would suggest you to use OpenWRT instead.

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    For me, it is no problem of having no IPv6 firewall at the WL-500gx level. (In my view, network security should be applied to the network peer level, not the network router level.) (If IPv6, which is not firewalled at the IPv6 router, is dangerous for a given user, this user should not enable it.) OpenWRT, on the other hand, does not seem to be as user friendly as you firmware.

    The ASUS WL router series is the only kind of WLAN routers I know of which support IPv6 both at the network level and the GUI level. People expect IPv6 getting a breakthrough within the next two years, so IPv6 support is a large advantage. (Also because IPv6 solves all the NetworkAddressTranslation and PortForwarding mess.)

    So I'd plead for extending IPv6 support instead of removing it. For being usable, there is barely more needed than a IPv6-enabled pppd. :-)

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    ipv6, pppoe, and pppd

    Although it is true that ipv6 on the wl500g's has a few bugs, one can connect natively to an ISP through a bridging modem using pppoe and pppd. See my remarks elsewhere on this site.

    I also would hate to see the support for ipv6 dropped from the firmware.

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    HOWTO: IPv6 6to4 support?

    Is there a way to use IPv6 using 6to4, not a tunnel from sixxs?
    If I connest my computer direct to my modem, I automaticalli get a IPv6 Address and cna connect to IPv6 sites.
    Can I make this work with the router?
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    please add full support for IPv6 for WL-500gx with DHCP or IPv6 tuneling on IPv4 with IPv6 DHCP from my internet provider


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    OK, I did it
    go to this site:

    copy the first (which begins with ip tunnel add...) block of commands to your post-firewall file.
    In the Web Interface set the IPv6 local Settings to 2002:your IP in hex::1.
    So if your IP is set it to 2002:0102:0304::1
    Set the netsize to 64 and the advertisements to yes!
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    Exclamation Can someone compile Gateway6 Client for IPv6


    Can some skilled user please compile this software?
    It is used to create a free IPv6 Tunnel, and the registration at Go6 is a lot easyer than at sixxs!
    Here is the Software.

    There is even a OpenWRT port!

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    Wrong forum, sorry
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    IPV6 ayiya

    I used this to install IPV6 on my V2.

    (The Dynamic part,) but somehow the IPV6 adresses do not get ditributed our routed.

    Did someone succeed in making the WL500Gp worl as a gateway voor IPV6 (from sixxs) Tunnel Type : Dynamic (ayiya)

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    I have it (alomst running).

    The Tunnel, and local network with ipv6

    Only radvd does not start. Does someone have a radvd.conf for the wl-500gp V2?

    Or can someone tell me how to run that under Oleg? Latest version?

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