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Thread: can't manage to get IRC running

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    Question can't manage to get IRC running

    Hi all,

    i'd like to use IRC but it don't work on my PC behind the WL500g.
    I have already searched this and other forums but i'm obviously sitting on the line.

    I've tried Trillian 3.1 and CBIRC (Java-based irc-Client). In both i get the message that it can't connect. In Trillian it's error 10053.
    The other Messengers are working (yahoo, msn, skype, etc.)

    On the wl500g i tried to use trigger ports (all possible solutions i can imagine)
    I've also tried Port-Forwarding for 113 (ident) and irc-common-ports 6667-6669. As this doesn't help the next step was using the exposed-host-function. Nothing helped.
    With etherreal there is only dns-traffic.
    Last thing i've tried was to use the newest firmware (oleg 7b) to get a blank router.
    Of course the desktop firewall is disabled.

    So now I don't know what to do. Maybe there are some hints out there for me!

    Thanks for help

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    Hi all!

    Please forget my question. It's not the router! My AV-Software has some kind of Desktop Firewall Features, which blocks irc-communication.


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