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Thread: Install python; no success?!

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    Install python; no success?!

    After I managed to install libstdc++ (5.0.5) on my wl500g, I'm now in the process to install python on it. I have tried the obligatory ipkg install python and this starts downloading, but actually it makes the router hang at some point (no telnet connection possible anymore, no access to the web or to the internal wl500g admin-pages). So after resetting the router several times, I decided to try to manually download the python installationfile 'python_2.4.2-3_mipsel.ipk' to the router first and try to install from that file.

    But when I open, all I find is a bz2-compressed file containing all files and directories for python, but I cannot find any python_2.4.2-3_mipsel.ipk on the net?

    How does this work?

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    Sorry, found it right after I posted my previous question!

    The ipk-file was available for download at:

    12 Mb!!?
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    For some reason, the link to the python ipk-package:
    is not working anymore..

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    Current state of python 2.4 regression tests are shown at

    Segmentation faults are occuring with the following tests:
    We are now waiting for new C++ dependent packages to occur in feeds automagically.
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    I have run many regression tests and I can say that python is now fully functional. Just issue
    ipkg update
    ipkg install python
    and any other python dependent package such as:
    denyhosts getmail ipython mailman py-bittorrent py-bluez py-celementtree py-cheetah py-cherrypy
    py-cherrytemplate py-clips py-curl py-django py-docutils py-elementtree py-formencode py-gd
    py-json py-kid py-mercurial py-moin py-mssql py-mx-base py-mysql py-nose py-paste py-pastescript
    py-pil py-protocols py-psycopg py-pygresql py-rdiff-backup py-roundup py-ruledispatch py-scgi
    py-serial py-setuptools py-simplejson py-simpy py-soappy py-sqlalchemy py-sqlite py-sqlobject
    py-testgears py-turbogears py-xml

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