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Thread: 100mbit Internet connection not working

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    100mbit Internet connection not working

    Hello! My name is Andreas and I have some problem with my router

    I have a Asus WL500g-deluxe that limits my "internet speed" to 20mbit

    I have 100mbit internet connection, i just upgraded and had 10mbit before and therefore didnt notice this problem

    What I have tried is:

    Update to the latest official firmware (available from, but I´ve also found WL500gx_1.9.5.6_EN.rar on this great forum, official or not i dont know. Have not tried it yet though

    My cables are working perfectly since if I use them in my home network i get 80-100mbit (through the router of course). Tried one of those cables between the router wan and internet, no go.

    Tried DMZ, disabel firewall, reset router, leave it without power for 30min, bandwith limiter is off, tried from three different computers (and therfore three different cables), and if I connect any of the computers directly to internet i get 80-100mbit while transfering files.

    And somehow sometimes it blocks ports that are supposed to be open, even
    if the pc hasn´t changed IP (DHCP), if i just wait it will work again.
    And sometimes the router interface feels like im using 14.4 modem, it works but its really really slow.

    Is my router damaged and should be replaced, or what do you think, am I missing something? I really hope so

    ahh yes i have tried different duplex modes, no go


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    100MBit .... not with this device. Linksys has a router with same chipset and also says it won't do more than 20MBit. (I also tested the WAN port and 20MBit is the max). You will need to go for a more "professional" router, like Netgears FVX538 or FVS338. They (as described by manufacturer) can reach 92MBit. I'm sure there are more and better products out there but these are the ones I know of without searching

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    well that sucks..

    thanks for replying so fast!

    hopefully since its less than a year old i maybe can return it, i hope so since i payed 1200SEK, thats about 100euro or something..¨

    checked the specs from Asus and from the company that sold me the router, they both say:
    1 x nätverk - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45 ( WAN)"

    and Asus:
    WAN Ports Support:
    Both Ethernet and 802.3 with Max. Bit Rate 10/100 Mbps with auto cross-over function (MDI-X)

    doesnt that mean that 100mbit _should_ be supported?
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    No that means it has a WAN port that is compatible to 100Mbit standard ... that does NOT mean it also can deliver that speed. Sry ... of course you are free to get a 2nd opinion ... I'm not all knowing, but pretty sure. Actually if you look around it's hard to find ANY "home" routers that deliver more than 16 or 20. Draytek has some that have 40MBit throughput to WAN, but they're 200+ Euro. So it's not hard to believe for me our ASUS only does 20. And seriously ... WHO has a f*****g cool 100MBit internet connection?

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    I believe you Eagel, its just typical for this industry, write something that it "maybe" "somehow" could manage, but then it dont.. if they say WAN 100mbit I should be able to use that, local network is also 100mbit and that works, everyone would be mad if a manufacturer said "well we sold you a 100mbit network card but it only supports 20mbit"

    I havent found this info on Asus site, have you?

    My reseller wants me to send the router back to them for repair, but if theres nothing wrong with it i have to pay for service, and I´m ok with that..but theres no hardware error if the chipset doesn´t support more than 20mbit, its just a "type error".

    So what i want now is proof of this, since i believe you and for the fact that i only get 20mbit when my router is connected supports what you are saying. If i can find this info on Asus site i can tell my reseller "read this" and then see what happens.

    and yes 100mbit is nice to have to bad that i have to disconnect the router to get the speed i want

    thank you so much for all the info so far!
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    I already tried to contact ASUS and asked about max. bandwidth on WAN port ... 4 weeks now, no answer. For other questions to them I had my answer within 2 days. Maybe they don't know themselves.

    Again to the 100MBit thing ... they don't lie to you, and that info is necessary. The "100MBit" is a defined standard, and there are devices out there that support ONLY 10 OR 100MBit connection. So With a 10Mbit device you will not be able to connect to a 100MBit device. So all they say with the 10/100MBit info is that the router is compatible with both standards. They did NEVER say it reaches the full 100MBit ( hell I even doubt your LAN does, and you don't sue your network card manufacturer either, do you? ) ... and it's no "type error" either.

    All you can blame them of is holding back some info. Maybe on purpose, cause if they promised 20MBit for example, and it didn't reach even those 20MBit in some guys network setup, they'd have to take the critics for that.

    P.S: No I'm not working for ASUS

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    probably they dont know themselves

    No you are right i dont even get 100mbit within my network but close enough, 80-90 and sometimes better

    well i guess im screwed, anyhow im going to ask Asus and if they say 20mbit maybe i can get a refund from my reseller, depending on what they now how this works or not...

    the thing i dont understand is why is the WAN port slower than the LAN ports? i thought they were the same thing, but for some technical reason the WAN is supposed to be connected to my ISP. what i guess it just have to do with the software, that if you know how you could "convert" LAN1 to WAN, not that you want to do that but that its possible

    well time to get a 100/100 switch

    One thing that im going to try first is:
    Access Point mode:
    "In Access Point mode, all 5 Ethernet ports and wireless devices are set to locate in the same local area network. Those WAN related functions are not supported here.
    Explaining with technical terms, access point mode is, NAT is disabled, one wan port and four lan ports of WL500g.Deluxe are bridged together."

    would make it a switch, right?

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    Yepp. Btw i guess the 20MBit MIGHT(!) be related to CPU power ... but then again I'm not expert enough to say for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aresz
    the thing i dont understand is why is the WAN port slower than the LAN ports?
    Well, it isn't! (At least concerning transfers from/to the router)
    The 4 LAN-Ports and the WAN-Port you see at the back of the router are connected to a VLAN-aware switch, which is also connected to the main processor of the router. So, if you transfer data from one Computer, which is connected to a LAN-Port, to another Computer, which is also connected to a LAN-Port, you will get a little less than 100MBit/s, as this traffic never gets to the CPU and is completely handled by the switch.
    WAN and LAN ports are in different VLANs, so every transfer between them is done by the CPU, which limits the transferrate.

    Addendum: maybe explains this better than I can (but it could of course confuse you even more...)
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