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Thread: Opening WL-Hdd

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    Opening WL-Hdd

    I bought one without any manuals, The ones I downloaded don't tell how to open. I want to access the hard drive. How do I open without breaking it?


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    My manual said to remove the screws on the bottom before pulling the case open, but my WL-HDD did not have any screws and I had just had to slide it open lengthwise. You pull the part with the I/O ports out of the rest of the case.

    Hope this helps


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    Talking ... :-)

    Hi ...

    Did you find the screws? They hide behind the rubber feets of the wl-hdd case ... remove them ... remove the 2 screws ... slide the frontpanel with board out of the case :-)


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    mine doesnt have screws too. you just have to pull the front panel out of the case.

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