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    Hi all ... this is my first post here, and I find this forum very usefull. My problem is that my wl-500gx router came with the firmware ... and this firmware had activated the telnet service. I upgraded my firmware to and this telnet is no more accesible. Is there a way to use telnet with this firmware?

    @Oleg ... is there any chance to develop in future a firmware based on original asus firmware? What is the difference between your firmware and the original ... wich is better?

    I have a 2.5 inch usb hdd and it is not recognized in windows as a mass storage device ... it is any chance to use this with the wl-500gx router?

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    is this forum dead ?

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    no, just have a little patience..

    Also use the search function
    Answers regarding your telnet quest can be found

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    I used search and I solved the telnet problem ... now, the other problem, will it be any 1950 base custom firmware with telnet and ssh support? What is the difference between your firmware and the original ... wich is better?

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