I was going to post the famous "my wan port dies".

I was then going to follow it up with the "my wan->lan port forward times out".

Then I used the search button... and I think I've got the problem licked..

Azureus + UPnP = Router reset every 2 hours..

So I turned off UPnP, on both the router and Azureus, and it seems to have held up. It seems the timeouts came from lack of connections, it seems the lack of connections came from state table overflow, it seems the state table overflows came from Azureus. I'm not familiar enough with UPnP, but I know my entire table is riddled with it (even set to 4096, filled them all!) AP was resetting about every two hours..

But thus far, turning UPnP off seems to have worked, I'll give it another 48 hours to confirm no more deaths, but so far...

BTW, forgot to thank Oleg and folks for the great firmware and support.

I installed ssh according to the directions, but it's not running by itself on a reboot.. So I'll be working on that for a while. But thought I'd post something useful my first time posting on this forum.