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Thread: WL-500g Delux Router

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    WL-500g Delux Router

    I am in process of buying an WL-500g Delux,
    What i need to know before buying is:

    Can i run an webserver trought USB stich 256mb with standard php,cpi option, and mysql server. It will not be for serving site(at least at start) but for my internal site testing?

    I post another topic, but i gues wrong section so it got deleted ), sorry for that wrong window and wrong "New Topic" button.


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    Until today I always read that mysql isn't possible yet, cause the wl500gx just doesn't have enough RAM and/or CPU power. So that would be a NO.

    But ... I >HAVE< managed to get it up and running, I installed a chrooted debian sarge (I used info from several tutorials here in the forums) and simply installed a apache2 with php and mysql using apt get. BUT I never tested how the router would act if I really used that, had no time yet. All I can tell is that I needed some swap space cause mem usage of course increased heavily. I think there are more "efficient" solutions at least for the php enabled webserver, maybe with only running the mysql under the chrooted debian.

    Oh and a 256MB Stick is PROBABLY enough even for the chrooted debian, BUT ... you'll be near the limit. I for myself won't be testing this again before I manage to get an external 2,5" USB harddisk. (used a 512MB Stick so far)

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    Glad to hear that MYSQL work at least install and running. My test site are not using much mysql resources but mysql is needed. But that isnt a main usage of this router, but why not to use all what it can give.
    For begining i will use USB 256MB sthick, and chkrooted debian sarge, but then i will probably buy WL-HDD .
    Hope there is someone that use this and can post his details how is acting router with this webserver ))..

    THnx ppl

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