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Thread: Something similar like the "wan port dies" issue

  1. Something similar like the "wan port dies" issue

    Hi All,

    My Asus WL-500g has a similar problem like the issue previously described in the "wan port dies" thread. After X amount of traffic (or sometimes, just because it feels like it) my Asus WL-500g will drop all connections to the outside world for about 20-30 seconds and after that it continous (I don't have to reboot the Asus, just restart my ftp download, sign in to msn again etc).

    Nothing is appearing in the logs and the problem seems less severe when I set my SMC adsl modem to 10full and the Asus to 10full or to auto. I think the problem only occurs with the WAN port, not with the LAN ports.
    I will try some more things (SMC adsl modem to 100full, asus 100full etc).

    I'm using the latest firmware from Oleg (CR4)
    My adsl modem is a SMC barricade 7401BRA
    connection between the SMC and the Asus is provided by a straight utp cable

    Does anybody has some suggestions? or experienced the same problems?


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    I have the same problem

    I have the same problem as you can see here:

    Try the original asus firmware, 1.6 version, with that version my connection is stable.
    Does someone know what is the problem? How can i help to solve this?


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Castanheiro
    I have the same problem as you can see here:
    Yes but you are using ppoe, my smc adsl modem is running in bridge mode. (My adsl connection is not ppoe based but ATM based )

    I will put a hub between the connection of the ADSL modem and the ASUS to use a sniffer (probably ethereal or snifferpro) on the line, see if something abnormal is going on

  4. small analysis

    I've analysed the connection drops and it only happens when there is some traffic on the line. Attached is a picture.

    Y axis is the duration of the connection drop (in seconds) and x axis is the total analysis time (in seconds)
    Most of the time it coincides when there is traffic on the line (but not a lot of connections, just normal traffic )
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  5. opening new connections in a short timespan

    I think I've found the main issue, when something makes a number of connections very quickly, the wan port dies, and then starts working again after 20-40 seconds.

    Starting emule is a sure way to reproduce it, but also when my mail client checks my mail it sometimes happens ( I have a large amount of IMAP folders and several IMAP email accounts, I think outlook express makes a new connection for every folder and account or something)

    I know I have changed my emule config to allow a lot of new connections to be made in a very short timespan, this is not the default behaviour. Have you done the same Castanheiro?

  6. 1.6 firmware

    It looks like I'm talking to myself

    The problem does not occur with the 1.6 firmware from the Asus website, it just keeps chugging along, even if I try to open 900 connections or something. I havent tested Oleg's version yet but I will do that later.

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    Well, i didn't changed anything particular to the standard emule connection settings, i only reduced the max number of connections (to 500). In azureus i set the "Slowly connect to new peers - For people with internet disconnection issues", but it has no results.
    1.7 firmware (oleg's also) still drops connection, 1.6 works ok! It must be something with the base code of the firmware, it's not something that oleg changed.

    I'm now testing firmware version that i saw in another post in this forum. I will post the results later.


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    Angry It's still there!

    The bug is present in version.... It only took one hour of use of amule and azureus and my adsl connection dropped... What annoying thing!

  9. sending it back

    Quote Originally Posted by Castanheiro
    The bug is present in version.... It only took one hour of use of amule and azureus and my adsl connection dropped... What annoying thing!
    I still see the problem with the 1.6 version, although less severe (I even have the problem when I put a simple 10mbit hub between the SMC adsl modem and the asus wl-500g, so it's also not the autosensing issue) It's not a cable issue because before the cables worked fine, only when I put the ASUS in between I get the disconnections.

    I'm sending it back, I only have my asus wl-500g for a few days so that's no problem. It has a lot of features but if it cannot even keep a stable connection it's nothing for me. I think I can exchange it for a linksys WRT54g or something similair
    I hope people from Asus are reading this forum and see that they lose customers because of this.


  10. oops...

    It seems that I made a booboo. After fixing the speed issue (switching off autosensing etc) I still had problems.. here's why:
    I left the dhcp client running on my SMC adsl modem (in bridge modus) while I configured the ASUS with a static ipadress. This had the effect that 2 machines had the same ipadress.. Every once a while my SMC adsl modem caused some traffic, which confused the router on the other side (of my ISP) causing it to drop all traffic which was destined to the ASUS router and send it to the SMC adsl modem. Kinda stupid of me. I won't be returning it afterall I guess..

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    I also have that problem. Only that in my case I have to turn the AP off and back on again in order to use internet. It is still accessible through the web interface but doesn't allow any connections to the internet anymore.

    And I don't think that it's only a wireless thing since the same happens if I produce many connections on its LAN ports. I use it in AP mode since I already have a linux router which has a DHCP server and which is connected to my cable modem.

    I had to put my brother's PC and mine back into the little switch we had used before I bought the Asus, otherwise I would have to reboot the AP every 2-3 hours. Now I only use the AP for my Powerbook and still have to reset from time to time.

    Browsing some eMule forums I read that many routers/AP's have problems with many connections spawning too fast so I wouldn't even know what I should buy instead of the 500g (should I consider sending it back after those 5 days it has been in use so far). I guess it's due to the relatively slow hardware (compared to a PC) running a software OS. It just cannot handle too many connections.


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    But if i only use emule the router keeps the connection up, it just can't handle emule and azureus... in firmware 1.7, because 1.6 works ok (for me), so the problem isn't hardware, it's the firmware. I sent a "bug report" to asus, i'm waiting for an answer...
    Last edited by Castanheiro; 01-06-2004 at 14:47.

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    Good luck. I already opened this issue with them (case #186008), and got back a response to check my cables and reinstall my NIC drivers. They have put the case into a pending close state. I doubt you'll have any better luck.
    It happens to me with just Azureus running, whether eMule/eDonkey is running or not...

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    okay.. if this really seems to be a big problem

    i want to test it myself.. the only problem is i don't even know how to @#% setup eMule sucky serverlists etc you need.. i don't have any..

    if I encounter the problem, i'll have a little chat with asus about it or maybe we can fix it ourself

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    Forget eMule/eDonkey. It happens just running Azureus. Install it from, and then go download a few torrents from
    It'll lockup within a couple of hours. Don't forget to port forward incoming connections on 6881.

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