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Thread: HP Laserjet 1100 SOLUTION!!!

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    HP Laserjet 1100 SOLUTION!!!

    Hi Guys,

    A few days back I started experimenting with my printer again, after I had given up on making it work. Anyway, I knew that this model should work with a router, I had two routers in the past where it worked on, both with an LPR based printerserver. Anyway, with the ASUS I had never had success with setting the printer up, both LPR and RAW gave me crap characters.

    That lead me to believe that the problem was in the electrical interface, that what the printer got from the ASUS was electrically different than what I got from my two previous routers. So as an experiment I borrowed three 2 meter parallel extension cables from my work (extending the cable is in theory like adding a lowpass filter to all the signals).

    Anyway I started out with three extension cables, printed the windows printer test page. It gave me two sheets of paper, but imidiately I could see that the cables had made a change. Normally I got five sheets of random characters, but with three extension cables I got a page with two lines on text (looks like printer code) and one page with the test page (though it was somewhat "smeared" and with random characters here and there).

    I then tried with two and one extension cable and I both cases it gave me a perfect result.

    So if you have problems with your HP laserjet 1100 or any other printer, don't give up before you have played arround with the cables!


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    By the way it works now both with LPR and RAW.


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    I haven't tried parallel extension cords, but I just got one of those USB adaptor cables that you plug your regular parallel cord in. Doesn't seem to work on the router (works beautifully when attached locally). The printer is recognized correctly as HP LaserJet 1100 in the web-interface, and even shows up at times when you search 192.168.1.* in the printer installation (kubuntu linux). But it doesn't print at all (as opposed to gibberish when you attach the parallel cord directly). This sure sucks.

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