i just ordered wl-hdd today and will arrive 2 to 3 days from now. id like to know what tools do i need for my kind of setup. the wl-hdd will be used as a web server and samba server in my network. i will also be using dyndns.org so i could share files or stream mp3s with my friends.

i have a sony psp and i was wondering if its possible for the wl-hdd to act as shoutcast server too because my psp has a shoutcast client (pspradio homebrew) installed. i hear twonkyvision supports shoutcast, does it mean it can broadcast audio to shoutcast client (like winamp for the pc or pspradio for the psp)? or is there any software that i can install in wl-hdd that uses shoutcast technology or similar (icecast?)?

thanks in advance.