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Thread: Password won't work!

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    Password won't work!

    Having nothing better to do, out of curiosity I just tried to do a firmware upgrade to Oleg's (yes, I know, I should have left well enough alone!) - DISASTER!!

    The upgrade wouldn't work, so I used the firmware restore utility to go back to ASUS This seemed to go OK, but then when I tried to get into the configuration menu, my password wouldn't work. So I tried using 'admin' and that wouldn't work either. In both cases I was using 'admin' as the user name.

    So I connected the device direct to my PC and tried to do another firmware restore but that failed as it couldn't find a "wireless device in recovery mode".

    So I tried to do a factory default reset by holding the reset button for some 30 seconds. The device rebooted, but once again I couldn't get it to accept the 'admin' password, nor previous one that I had changed to.

    So I'm stuck! I can't access the configuration menu, and while I can ftp into the device and all my files are still there, it can't be accessed as a shared folder on the network.

    What to do??? HELP!!!!

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    just reset a few times.. eventual hold the button for a shorter time or longer..

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    Thanks, Antiloop. In fact I've been fiddling with the reset button since I posted my plea for help and it finally worked. Interestingly, it still had Oleg's firmware even though I thought it had restored to ASUS so I was able to have a look at what it offered and decided that there wasn't anything that really made any difference to how I use the device so I'm back with ASUS

    But many thanks for your very prompt reply - much appreciated.

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