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Thread: FW Update crashed

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    FW Update crashed


    i bought a WL-HDD and tried to update to the newest ASUS version over webinterface. I make a mistake and flash the chinese version. After update it was possible to connect to the WL HDD and login. I want try to make the FW update with the english version. This update crashed . After this I don't have access to the box but only if i bring the box into the restoration modus. My problem is that the restoration tool from Asus doesn't works and also not the restoration by hand over the tftp command. In both cases I got a connection error or a timeout. I tried this with two computers and a direct connection over a separat switch. I can ping the box with I tried everything waht I can read in this forum, but nothing works. My both computers works with Windows XP with SP2 and disabled firewall. I tried the restoration procedure with a second WL HDD with installed Oleg FW and it is also not possible to restorate this box.Has everybody a hint for me. I also tried the PIN 10 method.


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    today I tried at with a third notebook with the same network environment and it works. It works with both WL HDD. I don't know what are the real differences between the notebook from today. I found only, that the DNS settings are different, but I don't believe that is the reason . Notebook today doesn't have any DNS entries and the other ones have one.


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