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Thread: USB-printer howto make it work?

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    Question USB-printer howto make it work?

    Hi. I hava a Lexmark Z45 printer. I have connected it to the router and i have installed the drivers on my computer (windows xp). In Status and log under Printer it says printer name: Lexmark Lexmark z45, and under Printer status it says Printer online.

    But when i click printer sharing on the home page of the router i only get a dialog box saying: please refer to your manual for this function.

    Therefore i don't get to run the printer setup wizard.

    Plz help me someone...

    Edit: bah, i figured it out... i had not installed the asus router utilities

    But now there is a new problem. I get an error saying there is a problem with communicating with the printer. "Wrong port registered. the Software is not set to USB-port"

    What now?
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    Nobody knows an answer to this? I am really desperate. Any suggestions what to do? The printer is online and the asus printersharing port is installed.

    I just get an error saying that the printer can only print from a USB-port.

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    If this error comes up from driver - then you're out of luck, at least with these Lexmark drivers...
    Which firmware version you are using?

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    The error comes from the lexmark drivers.

    And i am using asus firmware

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    maybe you can try LPT drivers for the device,

    you can maybe try to install your lexmark first at your pc after that change it to tcp/ip printing..
    or try a older driver for the device.. or another lexmark device

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    Thx for the tips Antiloop. I tried different lexmark drivers, like Z51, Z53 etc., and when i installed drivers for the Z42 it actually printed, and it seems to work fine.

    I don't know what's the differences between Z42 and Z45, but it seems to work.

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