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Thread: [HowTo] Streaming audio from Winamp/XMMS/etc.

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    Strange thing ....

    Well, I bought a cheap USB-adapter via ebay (1€), plugged it in, killed waveserver, startet esd and got a good output using Winamp plugin (resampling) instantly. My adapter is started using 48kHz, 16Bit, 44,1kHz is not supported.

    Then I did the following: kill esd, Winamp brought an error message because of this. OK
    Copied esd to /opt/ altered post-boot, flashfs save/commit, reboot

    So, since that time no more sound! Winamp doesn't complain about transfer errors, it keeps playing until I kill esd.
    ESD produces CPU-loads of 1-15% when playing, so it does something.
    Sound hardware is also working, because when unplugged or audio.o unloaded /dev/sound is unpopulated.
    On my notebook running Vista, the adapter works perfectly!
    Output keeps silent, when the output failed for the first time, I got an infinite beep with approx. 400Hz.

    I restarted the router several times, started esd manually with different parameters, tired the other output plugin, ... but no result after spending more than two hours solving that problem.

    I use a WL-500gP with Koppel v1.69 and mediatomb 0.11.0-r2 static mips32.

    Does anybody have a recommendation for me?

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    It seems I had similar problem with sound device. It seems I have solved it..

    Try to send a wav file using play command, it will output an error, which is ok.
    play /opt/harddisk/music/some.wav -d /dev/sound/dsp
    and then you should be able play music

    more information about my problem is here

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