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Thread: Adding WL500g to existing network

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    Adding WL500g to existing network

    Hi folks,

    I've got a D-Link ADSL Router running at the moment, that connects to the internet. I've recently bought a WL500g, and wish to add it for wireless functions.

    So... I want to connect all wired clients to the WL500g, along with a PSP wirelessly.

    The thing is, I want the WL500g to provide internet connectivity through the D-Link routers ADSL connection.

    How would I go about setting this up, hardware and software wise?

    Thanks in advance for help,

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    Easy ... really

    D-Link connects to the internet as it has done before. Then you set the LAN IP of the D-Link for example to (Subnet And you configure a DMZ in the D-Link to be Thats all for the D-Link. Connect the !!WAN!! port of the ASUS with a !!LAN!! port of the D-Link. In ASUS webinterface in "IP Config" you set "WAN connection type" to "Static IP", the WAN IP you set to (Subnet and you set your LAN IP to (Subnet for example. And all your clients you give IPs from the 192.168.0.* IP range too (DNS Server/Default Gateway of course). Done.

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