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Thread: Wireless keeps dying and WL500g needs reseting

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    Well, I got a reply from Asus Tech Support on this case. They tell me to check my cable connections, and reinstall my NIC driver. The case is now in pending close.
    These guys are sharp...
    I guess I should return the router before my return policy expires, seeing this issue won't be resolved any time soon.

  2. sending it also back

    see my last message at
    I'm also sending it back. I don't want to be bothered with crappy hardware

    edit: I made a booboo, I'm not sending it back afterall, see other thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harry66
    I think my problems are linked to downloading too
    I'm still setting my router up, but I have noticed that the "Connection Quality" drops by around 10% when there is a lot of traffic. Perhaps you have a marginal coneection, and it it taking it out of the reliable zone.

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    I suppose anything's possible, but it should eventually recover, and mine does not. The local network is fine, the WLAN locks up, and the Internet connection is lost. I resolve it by doing a DHCP release to my ISP, wait a few seconds, and do a renew. Boom, I'm connected again.
    As a side note, this lockup occurs every couple of hours on rev using Azureus and/or eMule/eDonkey. It's much less frequent on, but does occur. In fact, it happened again, just before posting this reply...

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