Hi there,

I have quite a big problem with my device. Here are symptoms:
- I can (partialy) connect to it through wifi but I don't obtain IP address
- I can connect using LAN connection (I can see the internet), but...
- ... I can't connect to WL's web interface
- ... I can't connect with telnet nor SSH

How did I do it:
- I've configured SSH according to the http://www.macsat.com/JustSSHGuide.php
- That was OK, I was then able to connect via SSH, but not via telnet nor web. Even wi-fi didn't work then.
- So I've undone all the changes related to SSH
- save, commit, enable
- restart
- ... and the result you already know :-(

I guess there's just some mess in the firewall options but this is just my Idea...
Any ideas how to solve this?