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Thread: ICS, is it possible?

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    ICS, is it possible?

    Sorry, a Newbie question here

    Although it may not be necessarily desirable to do this, can anyone give me any pointers as to how to set up a 500g with windows xp pro or 2000 server to use internet connection sharing on a dial up modem?

    I've tried but am not clued up enough to by-pass the dhcp server of the router ( if that's even possible ) Ooops, I know it's possible but it still doesn't seem to work. (that is, xp's dhcp server still doesn't seem to function)

    The reason for this is by way of dial up redundancy in case of a dsl problem.

    Thanks in advance
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    I have done it this way.

    This is how it's setup.

    Connect the computer with the modem to the WAN port of the router, then setup the router as Home Gateway.

    modem/nic -> WAN-|WL500g|-LAN -> Computers

    Let the WAN port on WL500g automaticly get ip from the ICS computer

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    Thanks for that Phantome

    I will have a go later.

    I also found some info at linksys which may be applicable ( similar concept, would just need tweaking for an wl-500g) and may be of use to anyone else out there trying to achieve the same thing:


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