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Thread: Dlink DSM-G600 will replace wl-700g ?

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    Dlink DSM-G600 will replace wl-700g ?


    I find today a product that seems to be a replacement product for the wl-700g : the Dlink DSM-G600.
    Here is the home page of the product :
    The technical page :

    The defaults are :
    - Encryption with wep only (no WPA, no radius, ...)
    - FTP server only (it seems but I think some people will correct the problem )
    - 802.11g normal (not the afterburner)

    The advantages :
    - Gigabit ethernet
    - It's available in France :

    I have no more information on the processor...

    What do you think about this product ?

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    There is no wan port.
    WL-500gP => (2007-04-06)
    Running: thttpd, php 5.1, vsftp, rrdtool

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    ... and no switch too.

    It's based on the PowerPC CPU which runs linux 2.4.21, the radio is RALINK 2500. The flash size seems to be 4 MB. The USB controller is seems to be NEC.

    It has samba 2.2.8a and NFS support in the kernel.

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    So this product is a network atached storage host and therefore a competitor to the Linksys NSLU2 or Asus WL-HDD imho. The Asus WL-700g is also a router.

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