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Thread: 300g and client mode???

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    300g and client mode???

    Is there any way to connect 300g in client mode (or something) with Dlink's router DI-624?

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    Yes if you use olegs latest firmware you should be able to configure youre wl300g in client (or bridge mode). If it works with youre DLinkrouter well try Olegs Firmware is superior to ASUS anyways so you are not losing anything. I just got my setup working so take a look at this thread
    My ASUS setup
    [xbox] <-crossovercabel-> <[ASUSWL300G]> ((((wifi)))) <[BelkinPRE-N]> <-networkcabel-> {internet ADSL2+}

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    Hey miraculix

    It would be nice if you could make a step by step tutorial on how you got your wl-300g to work as a wlan client.

    The first thing I get stuck on is, do I only need to create a post-boot
    as with the "Completely altering boot process ;-)" on Oleg's page
    and then add the lines as follows

    nvram set wl0_join="wl join MyWifiNet imode bss amode wpapsk"

    in the post-boot file

    Do I have to setup everything in the web interface before I create the post-boot and then migrate the settings somehow?

    Most of this is not clear to me on how to go about, getting it to work as a client. So I'm hoping for an answer here.

    I would like to use mine for [Vista64PC] <-crossovercabel-> <[ASUSWL300G]> ((((wifi)))) <[WL-500gP]> <-networkcabel-> {internet ADSL2+}
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