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    Yesterday I tried to estimate wireless link between WL-500g and notebook with WL-100g card. Here is conditions, results and some ideas.

    Router is installed on the 7th floor of brick building, in the center of my flat.
    Notebook was placed inside the car parked near building, right under the flat windows. The distance between router and notebook was about 25-30 m, through building walls and overlappings, you can count them

    Notebook immediatelly found router and established connection with it, though
    Windows XP reported "No signal". Notebook vendor's utilities gave me speed 5 Mbit/s. File transfer in both directions was successful but with very low speed about 100 Kbyte/s.

    I was really surprised that I made successful link through multiple thick obstacles. Moreover, notebook was placed inside very good metal shield like car body. I think the speed will be much higher if I place both antennas, router and WiFi card near windows.
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    Also you can increase Radio Power parameters in both devices.
    Sorry for my bad English.
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    Two WL-500Gx, 1km link, 80% LOS

    TX power on first WL-500gx = 14mW (using 15 dB antenna,1m pigtail)
    TX power on second WL-500gx = 8 mW (using a 22dB antenna,5m pigtail)

    Max throughput: 2,5MB/s ! (transferring 4GB RAR file using FTP) Nice work

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